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Our story started 5 years ago when Cloud 9 Desserts was known just as Cloud 9 Shisha cafe, but unfortunately the business we had was taken from us due to a fire. It took 5 years of hard work, commitment, and dedication to be in a position to be able to open up our very own express dessert place. The name of the dessert place had to be the same as the business we had before Cloud 9 Desserts.

Why are we different?
We look to bring new ideas to the dessert market every month with our 30 days monthly specials. We look to cater for all ages with our extensive menu, not just all ages but also people with dietary and allergies with our vegan section. I believe we are the first dessert parlour in Leicester to offer a vegan option on a desserts menu.

What do we offer?
We are looking to provide delicious desserts to everyone and anyone possible. At Cloud 9 Desserts we aim to make that dessert something special for you. It is important that we provide a warm welcoming environment with friendly and happy customer service. As this is an express dessert place there is limited seating. Can’t get to us? not a problem. We have not one but two delivery companies that can deliver Cloud 9 Desserts to your doorstep though UberEats & Owlgetit.

Upcoming Plans
We are always looking to expand the Cloud 9 Desserts business and will look to franchise other stores and cater for wedding/events. It is important to us that if you can’t get to the

desserts, then the desserts can come to you. With catering for weddings/events please enquire though the contact us section.

There has been a lot of focus and attention on plastic waste in the ocean. And at Cloud 9 Desserts we look to encourage customers to recycle all their plastic waste. We have dedicated recycling bins in store to help recycle all plastic waste. We are also looking into switching from plastic straws to biodegradable straws. Recycled paper brown bags are currently being used.

  • Amazing!!! My children enjoyed the cookie dough & waffles, myself .... well I had to tuck into a waffle too & I must say it was delicious. Milkshake was great nice & chocolatey definitely go again.

    — Zainab Khatri
  • Great and friendly customer service. The Mojito was awesome!

    — Yunus Bahadur Hajat
  • Arrived at Cloud 9 Desserts on opening day, first glimpse of the shop front and I must point out it looked very professional and modern. The lighting around the company logo really stands out and adds character. Ordered one sundae and two waffles, tasted great and exceptional customer service. Definitely recommend you try out the deserts here if you haven’t already, you will not be disappointed. 5 stars from me.

    — Kayum Q Abzy Noray
  • Lovely dessert place just in a prime location just between Highfields and Evington. We had the ice creams with candy floss, falooda and waffles which were all very very good. a big plus is the service you get here. from the moment you go in you greeted by lovely staff. Definitely recommend to anyone

    — Arshad Figo Ussen

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Delicious Desserts made with great quality that tastes amazing.

Delicious Desserts

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You will find only best desserts at our place.